Access To Savings And Credit For Rural Unbanked Women

Only 34% of rural population in Malawi have access to savings facilities. Without safe space to save and borrow, rural women and men suffers from high financial illiteracy that heavily contribute to their income poverty. Around our boreholes we organize and train women and men to start saving and lending groups. They gradually build their savings and turn it into loan-funds which members borrows.  They augment their individual savings with revenue from Gardens for Food and Women’s Income.  Members borrow from the fund at an affordable interest and 70% engages in small-business activities.

Our Work In Pictures

Our Village Bank enables rural unbanked women to save money for future use, access affordable credit and become smart money investors

We are promoting access to savings and credit through village banking around the Borehole

Our Impact

Our village Banks for savings, credit and income for women has impacted 4567 rural unbanked women with access to savings, credit, financial literacy and increased investment in small-scale businesses.