Covid-19 Response

In our project areas, the economic restrictions and uncertainties brought by Covid-19 has pushed poor households into further income poverty due to loss of livelihoods and increased health costs. We are responding by working hand in hand with extension workers from Ministry of Health at the village.  To date, we have trained 20 COVID-19 Village Health Promoters who are promoting messages, handwashing with soap and installation of Tippy Taps in 20 villages. We have also distributed posters, brochures, T-Shirts with messages on Covid-19 prevention. In addition, we have distributed face masks, soap, sanitizers, and hand-washing facilities to most vulnerable poor families. To ensure sustainability supply of affordable soap, we have trained Tikondane Savings Group for Food and Women income in making of affordable Soap as a woman business at the village level.   The group is now making very affordable hand-washing soap that it is selling around.

Highlight Words

  • COVID-19 Village Health Promoters
  • Affordable Soap Making

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Our Impact

Our COVID-19 response has reached out to 20 villages with a population of 9800 with correct COVID-19 prevention messages and PPEs.