Safe Drinking Water For Community Health

We continue to provide clean and safe drinking water per village using affordable water drilling technologies.  To date, our project has drilled 18 boreholes, and these are providing safe water for drinking, personal hygiene, and sanitation to 13,000 rural poor households across Malawi.

We have empowered women to access safe drinking water within 1km radius of their village

We have reduced the labor burden of water collection from 4-6 hrs. per day to 1hr and less for women and girls.

Health centers in our project areas have recorded reduction of diarrhea cases among children after the installation of our safe drinking boreholes  

Our Work In Pictures

Our Impact

Our Safe Drinking Water Per Village has benefited 7670 with clean drinking water, empowered women and girls to spend less labor and time on domestic water management, and contributed to reduction of water borne related diseases among children.